Due to the non-tropical coastal storm anticipated for this Saturday, September 23, 2023, with potentially high winds and heavy rain forecasted for our 1st Angels Dystonia walk New Jersey – we unfortunately, have decided to cancel the event. This event was scheduled as rain or shine, but not for a storm. At this time, our safety is of the utmost importance. We are very saddened that we had to go this route, as we had plans that went “above and beyond” to make this event stand out from the other walkathons due to your overwhelming support. I was proud that I had the opportunity to speak with so many kind and generous individuals, that I wanted to personally thank. I’m heartbroken that the unfavorable weather conditions will get in our way for 2023.

I appreciate everyone’s efforts and outstanding support to bring more Dystonia awareness to NJ. We raised approximately $18,000.00 to continue Joanna’s fight and most importantly to help patients around our country that definitely need more effective treatment options available to them and hopefully find a cure one day too.

Finally, all of your efforts truly show that we are Dystonia New Jersey Strong! For next year, I hope you will stand by my side once again, to continue the fight with me, as Joanna and her family did, to spread more awareness to New Jersey and continue your generous support for this very important cause. Thank you! God Bless All Of You! Melissa Caravello