Right-Handed Cervical Dystonia Patients Needed for Study

The Motor Neuroscience Lab at Michigan State University is recruiting right-handed adults with cervical dystonia who are currently undergoing treatment using botulinum neurotoxin injections for a study examining how the brain controls arm movements. Participants will be asked to move a joystick or robotic handles to control a cursor on a computer screen while their brain activity is recorded.

If you choose to participate, you are free to withdraw anytime. You should have no history of concussion, loss of consciousness, or neurological disorders other than cervical dystonia. The study will occur over two 2-hour sessions, separated by approximately 1 month. You will be given a $20.00 gift card as a thank you.

If you would like to participate or request more information, please email our lab at: msu.motorneuroscience@gmail.com

Research conducted by Dr. Florian Kagerer, Michigan State University
Department of Kinesiology, 308 IM Sports Circle, East Lansing, MI