Dystonia is a Movement Disorder

Dystonia treatment is not one size fits all.

Treatment for dystonia must be customized to the individual person. Although there is not yet a cure, multiple treatment options are available.

The purpose of treatment is to lessen the symptoms of muscle spasms, pain, and involuntary movements/postures. The ultimate goal is to improve quality of life and help you function with the fewest side effects possible.

In most cases, the appropriate doctor to treat dystonia is a movement disorder neurologist. Establishing a treatment plan requires open communication and patience on the part of both the affected individual and the physician. Make the effort to locate the most experienced physician you can, and someone with whom you feel comfortable.

A comprehensive treatment place treats the whole person: body (medical therapies), emotions (mental health), and spirit (patient support).

A combination of therapies is often required to treat dystonia effectively.

These may include:

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