Five adults and two children, one in a stroller, posing for a photo. A young brunette woman in the front row is sitting in a wheelchair. All are wearing matching Dystonia Zoo Day t-shirts.

Upcoming Dystonia Events – Join Us!

The Dystonia Medical Research Foundation (DMRF) is pleased to begin returning to in-person events in select cities to re-unite the dystonia community, promote awareness, and support the mission to find a cure. We’re especially excited to announce this year’s Dystonia Zoo Day season, with both in-person events and virtual opportunities to participate regardless of geography. […]

Providence Zoo Org Committee 600w

Providence Zoo Walk Marks 5th Anniversary

Providence, Rhode Island is the latest of 13 cities across the USA to host a Dystonia Zoo Walk in 2019. The event on September 14 was the fifth Dystonia Zoo Walk to take place in New England. The purpose of this community day at the zoo was to raise dystonia awareness and funds for medical […]

Twin Cities Dystonia Zoo Group blog

Everybody’s Zooing It! Thousands Attend Dystonia Zoo Walks to Find a Cure

Thirteen cities across the country are hosting Dystonia Zoo Walks in 2019. The purpose of these fun community events is to increase public awareness of dystonia, a little-known but surprisingly common neurological disorder. Proceeds support the mission of the Dystonia Medical Research Foundation (DMRF), which supports urgently-needed medical research toward a cure and programs for individuals and families […]