Video Contest: “How I Explain Dystonia”

The Dystonia Medical Research Foundation is launching a dystonia awareness video contest as part of Dystonia Awareness Month activities throughout September. Individuals are invited to submit a video to demonstrate how they explain what dystonia is, and how it affects them, to other people. The purpose of the video is to help promote greater public awareness and understanding of dystonia.

Tell us how you explain what dystonia is, and how it affects you, to other people. In 2 minutes or less, tell us how you explain dystonia to family members, co-workers, friends and neighbors, romantic partners, or your child’s teacher. Your video may help someone who is struggling to explain dystonia to the people in their lives.

A panel assembled by the DMRF will select one winner to receive a $100 gift card and be recognized in the Dystonia Dialogue newsletter. Deadline to enter is October 7, 2019.

Click here for complete instructions and requirements to enter.

Dystonia is a chronic, often disabling, neurological disorder marked by excessive, involuntary muscle contractions that cause abnormal body movements and postures. Common signs include abnormal movements of the head and neck, excessive blinking, a breathy or choking voice, hand cramps, or a twisted foot. Because dystonia is not better known, symptoms are often mistaken for mental illness, substance abuse, or poor social skills. Dystonia impacts people of all ages and backgrounds. Conservative estimates state no fewer than 250,000 Americans are affected. There is currently no cure, and though treatments exist there is no single therapy that benefits even a majority of patients.

The Dystonia Medical Research Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to advancing research for improved dystonia treatments and ultimately a cure, promoting awareness, and supporting the well-being of affected individuals and families.