Message from President Art Kessler

For many of us with dystonia, a dog offers the opportunity to improve our quality of life. Dogs (and other pets) are not only faithful companions and friends, always there without question and judgment, they also offer the support needed to help their owners simply get through the day, a task many often find physically and emotionally daunting.

The DMRF Dogs for Dystonia Virtual Walk was designed to help educate the public about the difficulties faced by those with dystonia and the important role that dogs, from service animals to family pets, play in many of our lives.

Throughout the month of February dog and other pet lovers can support the DMRF by registering for the Dogs for Dystonia Virtual Dog Walk. I would like to invite those in the dystonia community to join me, and my dog Maddi, in supporting this important campaign. We are excited to share the news that all new and increased Virtual Walk donations will be matched dollar for dollar by an anonymous donor. Our goal is to collectively raise $15,000 during the month of February and to recruit at least 50 dogs to join us in reaching this important goal. I know with your support we can.

Click Here to Register Today.