Dystonia Advocacy Network

Dystonia is a Movement Disorder

Dystonia Advocacy Network logoGive dystonia a voice to Congress and policy makers. You have the power to influence policy makers responsible for the areas of government that impact the dystonia community.

Help us educate and influence legislators and government officials who influence, for example, how much money is allocated to medical research year, access to treatments, and other issues that impact people with dystonia. Advocates educate legislators about the needs of the dystonia community.

The DMRF is a member organization and provides staff support to the Dystonia Advocacy Network, a team of dystonia organizations working together to give the dystonia community a voice in Washington, DC. You can become an empowered dystonia advocate – the community needs your voice!

Virtual Advocacy Day 2022

Rosalie Lewis & Ellen Hess

Cynthia Comella & Davis Peterson