Parents of Children with Dystonia

Resources for Families

When a child is diagnosed with dystonia, parents may not know where to turn.

DMRF has resources available to help you:

  • Seek out the best medical care for your child. Consider consulting a pediatric neurologist with training in movement disorders or a movement disorder neurologist who treats children. 
  • Educate yourself about childhood dystonia and treatment options. DMRF offers a fact sheet about dystonia for children and children’s book  to help start conversations about dystonia with your child.
  • Consider joining the DMRF group Support4Parents of Children with Dystonia on Facebook.
  • Consider seeking the assistance of a family therapist or counselor to strengthen communication within the family and navigate especially difficult issues.
  • Contact the DMRF for individual assistance accessing resources and creating your support network.

Dystonia in Children & Adolescents Webinar

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