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Dystonia is a Movement Disorder

Since the first year of operation, the DMRF has supported research investigations related to the causes, mechanisms, prevention, and treatment of all forms of dystonia. DMRF’s major grant funding mechanism is based on requests for applications focusing on specific research areas informed by the Medical & Scientific Advisory Council and scientific meetings and workshops. The DMRF simultaneously  remains open to new investigator-initiated ideas and approaches, which are accepted throughout the year.

The DMRF also collaborates with investigators and research entities to address a specific question or knowledge gap through research contracts.

Current Requests for Proposals


The Dystonia Medical Research Foundation (DMRF) is seeking applications for a collaborative study on myoclonus dystonia (M-D) that will address the most significant and immediate needs of the M-D research field.

Myoclonus dystonia is a rare movement disorder characterized by a combination of rapid jerking movements, brief myoclonal muscle contractions and/or sustained twisting and contractions that result in abnormal dystonic postures. Much progress has been made since the discoveries of various gene mutation causing M-D. Numerous clinical and basic studies provided better understanding of M-D. However, much work is needed to fully characterize M-D clinically and attempt to reveal its physiological and molecular mechanisms as well as behavioral aspects in order to discover and develop targeted therapeutics and more effective treatments.

Only collaborative research proposals will be considered with special emphasis on disease progression and prognostic factors, genetic and environmental determinants, cognitive and psychopathological components, and exploration of potential novel treatments.

Conditions of Award
Individuals with appropriate scientific credentials employed by a non-profit or for-profit institution, domestic or foreign are eligible to apply. The award will support a team of two or more researchers or research groups with one or multiple principal investigators for one year with a budget not exceeding $75,000. A letter of intent is required and should be submitted electronically to DMRF by February 8, 2019. It should include a descriptive title and brief summary of proposed research, as well as names and affiliations of participating researchers. The deadline for applications is March 15, 2019.

Address for Inquiries and Submissions
Jody Roosevelt at or 312-447-5150

This funding opportunity has been made possible through a generous gift to the DMRF from the Brown Family Foundation. DMRF’s commitment to support the award is conditional on the availability of funds.

For more information about DMRF’s Funding opportunities, please contact
Jody Roosevelt

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