Yips and Focal Dystonia

Yips and dystonia

  Yips and dystonia are task-specific motor disorders that affect both athletes and musicians. In the realm of sports, the term “yips” describes a focal dystonia that causes involuntary muscle spasms during specific movements, impeding precise motor control. Similarly, musicians can develop focal dystonia, known as musician’s dystonia or musician’s cramp, which disrupts their ability […]

DMRF-Funded Investigators Develop New Approach to Studying Motor Control


DMRF grantee Jesse Goldberg, MD, PhD, Associate Professor and Robert R. Capranica Fellow in the Department of Neurobiology and Behavior at Cornell University, has developed a groundbreaking new approach to studying dystonia and other movement disorders. The study of dystonia has always required posing fundamental questions about how the human brain controls and coordinates movement. […]