Deep Dive into Oromandibular Dystonia

Semi-transparent profile of human head and neck with jaw area illuminated against dark background..

This article was published in the Dystonia Dialogue. In a study partially supported by DMRF, an international team of investigators embarked on the most comprehensive examination of the clinical features of oromandibular dystonia with the purpose of reducing misdiagnosis. The symptoms of OMD include varying combinations of abnormal jaw, tongue, or lower face movements. OMD […]

Investigating Dystonia Remission

Profile view of a glowing human brain against a dark, cloud-like background.

This article was published in the Dystonia Dialogue. There are occasional reports of dystonia symptoms going into remission. Given the research and prognosis implications of this, investigators did a systematic review of reports of remission in the medical literature. They reviewed data from 2,551 cases with reports predominantly from individuals with cervical dystonia  or blepharospasm/Meige […]

Nashua Dystance4Dystonia 5K Returns

The Nashua Dystance4Dystonia 5K Walk/Run organized by Amanda Lockhead took place Sunday, May 15, 2022 to raise dystonia awareness and funds for urgently-needed research toward a cure. More than 100 people attended to share their support, after the event had been paused in recent years due to the pandemic. Donations continue to be calculated, but […]

DMRF Research Awards Advance Understanding of Dystonia

The Dystonia Medical Research Foundation (DMRF) has announced the latest research grant and fellowship awards to advance progress toward improved dystonia treatment options and ultimately a cure. Dystonia is the third most common movement disorder, affecting approximately 250,000 Americans and potentially millions worldwide. “The pace of dystonia research has been accelerating faster and faster, and […]

Tips on Finding a Doctor

This article was published in the Dystonia Dialogue. One of the most common inquiries the DMRF receives is from people seeking help locating a doctor who is qualified to diagnose and treat dystonia. They may have received a tentative diagnosis from a general neurologist and need a movement disorder specialist to confirm or rule out […]

New Consensus Guidelines for Botulinum Neurotoxin Therapy for Dystonia & Spasticity

This article was published in the Dystonia Dialogue. Botulinum neurotoxin (BNT) therapy is one of the most common treatments to reduce dystonia symptoms. BNT therapy involves injecting appropriate doses of BNT into the appropriate selection of muscles. Both the muscles to be treated and the specific doses determine the dosing regimen for an individual patient. […]

Take Action to Educate Elected Officials about Dystonia

Dystonia Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill

The Dystonia Advocacy Network (DAN) needs your help to raise awareness of dystonia with US elected officials and support the need for more dystonia research. Please consider becoming a dystonia advocate and joining with others across the country in making a difference. Sign up with DAN here. Being a dystonia advocate is easy, empowering, and […]

DMRF Announces New Board Slate & Union with Cure Dystonia Now

The Dystonia Medical Research Foundation (DMRF) announced at their annual meeting a new President of the Board of Directors and two new Directors as a result of joining with the non-profit organization Cure Dystonia Now. Each of these new appointments will enhance the DMRF’s work in service to the dystonia community. Mark Rudolph was appointed […]

Sydney Peterson Competes in Beijing Paralympic Winter Games

Nineteen-year-old St. Lawrence University student Sydney Peterson of Lake Elmo, Minnesota is one of 15 Nordic athletes representing Team USA at the Winter Paralympics in Beijing (March 4-13, 2022). Sydney is competing in three standing cross country skiing races: the 15Km Classic, the 10Km Skate, and the Skate sprint. This is her first Paralympic Games. […]

Family Healing in Living with Dystonia

Dystonia man in wheelchair

By Karen K. Ross, PhD, DMRF Vice President of Support This article was published in the Dystonia Dialogue. Our family felt like the rug was pulled out from under us when my son was first diagnosed with dystonia. Each family member was affected in profound ways, and we experienced the entire range of emotions. Shock, […]