Focus On: DYT1 Dystonia

DYT1 dystonia, also known as early-onset torsion dystonia, is a severe form of hereditary, generalized dystonia.

Journeys into Parenthood

dystonia coping

This article was published in the Dystonia Dialogue. The path to becoming a parent for individuals in the dystonia community is as varied as society at large. There are more options than ever for having children: biologically, via reproductive medicine, fostering, and adoption. Parents with dystonia may encounter challenges that parents without health issues might […]

DMRF Research Grants Fund Diverse Investigations into Dystonia Origins

Dystonia is a movement disorder characterized by excessive muscle contractions that cause abnormal movements and postures. Dystonia is not caused by pathology in a specific brain structure, but by dysfunctional circuits of communication between multiple brain areas responsible for coordinating and controlling body movement. Despite substantial progress made in understanding various aspects of dystonia, there […]

40+ Years of DMRF Research Achievements

“DMRF initiated, supported, stimulated, and catalyzed essential scientific and medical efforts that created the modern dystonia field.” -Jan Teller, MA, PhD Chief Scientific Advisor Nearly 45 years ago, the DMRF began the ambitious mission to find a dystonia cure. Since that time, the Foundation has provided funding to 270+ investigators and has grown the field […]