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Mindfulness Meditation with Dr. Karen Ross

Mindfulness meditation is a technique that can provide support during times of elevated stress. A daily practice can reduce tension and pain and provide moments of peace. Mindfulness meditation is not a substitute for medical treatment. It is a process to support overall wellness for individuals living with and without chronic conditions. DMRF Vice President […]

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Tips for Self-Care in Stressful Times

Stress is notorious for making dystonia symptoms worse. The following gentle reminders may help ease stress before it becomes overwhelming, especially during these unprecedented times due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Acknowledge loss and change. Daily life may feel very different today than it did a month, or even a week ago. You may be unable […]

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More than a Movement Disorder: Non-Motor Dystonia Symptoms

Dystonia is a neurological disorder that affects the physical body, but the impact goes far deeper. Individuals diagnosed with dystonia commonly experience symptoms that affect more than how the body moves. Living well with dystonia often requires addressing more than the physical movement symptoms. Non-motor symptoms are a significant burden, and can be as disabling—or […]